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Books and Cookies has gone mobile and virtual! We share high energy, interactive literacy experiences at local LA birthday parties, events and now online! 

BOOKS AND COOKIES was an integral part of the Santa Monica, Main Street community since 2011. Not just a children’s bookstore, our passionate staff read, sang, learned and played with families who become friends. We shared our love of reading and our favorite books and celebrated countless birthdays with books and cookies (and cake)! Although it was hard to bid this physical location farewell, we learned quickly that it was not the walls that made us special, but the community of families built, unique enrichment programming created, hands-on book exploration, family events and the joy we shared in your children's smiles.


Books and Cookies Creator, CHUDNEY ROSS is a Writer, Teacher, Entrepreneur and most importantly, a Mom. After graduating Georgetown University, she became a teacher with AmeriCorps's Teach for America program. After years of teaching elementary school, Chudney's love of children's literature and her advocacy for children's causes motivated her to open Books and Cookies. Her hope was to create a positive and fun-filled learning environment and to be an active and positive part of the community while promoting the joy of literacy! Now, Books and Cookies is a mobile literacy enrichment program focused on rethinking the way that we share books, bring stories to life and build community around literacy. Her love of books also led her to write a middle grade children’s book called Lone Bean, which was published by HarperCollins. Additionally, she’s the Chief Kid Officer at The Jane Club where she created a space for children to learn, play, and grow alongside their working mothers. Her daughter Callaway (age 8 years) loves to learn, play, read… and eat cookies, too and the newest addition, Everlee (15 months) is a book lover, too).


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