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A book for children -- and their parents, teachers, and cool grown-up friends -- documenting America's famous and unsung heroines Publishers Weekly,This lively abecedary introduces 25 inspiring women and their accomplishments, from environmentalist Rachel Carson ("R is for Rachel") and rocker Patti Smith to lesser-known history-makers like Wilma Mankiller, who became the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation, and transgender author/artist Kate Bornstein. Schatz opens with a discussion of different meanings of rad/radical ("A radical can be a person who wants to make big changes in society"), and the snappy mini-biographies that follow hit the highlights of the women's lives and legacies in an accessible, conversational tone. Bright hues provide backdrops for Stahl's angular cut-paper portraits, which emphasize the subjects' power, humor, and strength. The letter X "is for the women whose names we don't know.... For the women who aren't in the history books, or the Halls of Fame.. The women who made huge changes and the women who made dinner." This inspiring and diverse tribute to artists, journalists, sports phenoms, judges, and more culminates with an energizing A-Z list of "26 Things That You Can Do to Be Rad!" and a reading list to encourage further exploration. Ages 8-up.

Rad American Women A-Z : Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries Who Shaped Our Hi

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