Our Favorite Children’s Movies that Were Adapted from Books

July 26, 2014

Reading allows kids to expand their imagination. They get so involved and personally connected to characters in books—so much that they request to read the book over and over—at least 13 times per night (if it’s short). Imagine what it must be like for them to have a favorite book and be able to see that book come to life on the big screen. That’s what is so great about film adaptations of children’s books.


There are so many movies that have been adapted for the big screen from books—many of which we’ve probably forgotten are even books!


Let’s take a look at some favorite children’s movies that were adapted from books.

If your kids have yet to see any of these movies, how about read the book to them first (or have them read it by themselves if they are able)? 


The Adventures of Huck Finn


Alice in Wonderland

Black Beauty

The Cat in the Hat

Charlotte’s Web

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Bridge to Terabithia

The Borrowers

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The Chronicles of Narnia

Harriet the Spy

The Jungle Book

Mary Poppins


The NeverEnding Story

Peter Pan

Guest Post by Jill Layton

Writer, Friend, and Passionate Cookie Eater






Featured images via Disney, IMDB, Amazon, Wikipedia

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