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Call Me Cookie! Hello Cookie!

One thing we left behind when we reopened in our new location was our kitchen. We were NOT sad to bid the health department farewell, but with a name like BOOKS AND COOKIES, we still NEEDED delicious treats for everyone! We’ve tested out a few different baker's creations and are VERY happy to welcome out newest addition – CALL ME COOKIE!

Call Me Cookie is a local freshly baked cookie delivery company created by cookie loving bakers, Jordan Moore and Mandi Kreisher. Their signature recipe starts with brown butter and ends with a sprinkle of sea salt. This perfect cookie is crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle, with hints of butterscotch and a satisfying salty/sweet finish.​

What people are saying:

“These cookies are scrumptious!!!”

“The best cookies in town”


​And proving to not only be DELICIOUS, but also NOT wasteful, Call Me Cookie doesn’t throw away ANY cookies! All unsold product is donated to Westside Food Bank, so no cookie goes un-enjoyed! Now, that makes me feel really good!

So, come on by and give our cookies a try (grab a book and a milk box, too). You can also order gift boxes, custom party favors and corporate gifts from their website!


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