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Turning on the TV? Make it literacy focused!

I am a book lover… a reader by nature. I swore I would be the kind of parent who never put my child in front of the screen, but let’s be honest, sometimes you need a break to take a shower, make a telephone call or distract a fussy toddler on a long airplane trip. Though I don’t want my toddler to come a couch potato, on occasion the TV (or ipad) is a great option for entertaining little ones and if you are going to stick your little sponge of knowledge in front of a screen don’t you want it to be something educational and smart? I know I do!

Some favorite kids TV shows with a focus on literacy:

Sesame Street (PBS Kids)

Between the Lions (PBS Kids)

Word World (PBS Kids)

Super Why? (PBS Kids)

AND, our friends (and Books and Cookies Saturday Morning Concert favorites) Andrew and Polly recently contributed songs to Nickelodeon's first-ever pre-school literacy show, Wallykazam! The show - and all the music in it - is really fun, educational and definitely worth checking out. Andrew and Polly wrote and recorded the end credits ("Wally, Wally, Wally") and the song "Shake and Shout," featured in the episode "The Great Wishing Potato" which is available for streaming on-line right now! Andrew and Polly also just welcomed their first baby, a baby boy named, Isadore! We wanted to send them big congrats! We look forward to jamming with them soon!

Side note:

Of course, it’s best when television is used in moderation, watched with supervision and when shows are appropriate for young audiences. Television shows for young children can be fun, engaging and can help children build early literacy skills along the way, but that being said…. TURN OFF THE TV AND GO READ A BOOK!

By Chudney Ross

Owner, Book Lover and occasional TV Watcher

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