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Rethinking the way we share books, bring stories to life and build community around literacy!

Introducing the new improved mobile Books and Cookies, like a food truck only full of literacy, learning and sweet treats!

We are working on building out a beautiful truck to Pop Up sharing our unique programming with in a wider range of communities that we were able to access before. From private group classes, drop-in activities at local children’s play spaces and retail stores, birthday parties and our specialty offering of a curated book selection to BUY, BORROW or GIVE!

We will celebrate books with high energy, interactive family story time events through out the city. Through movement, instrument and parachute play, crafts and more, we will bring books to life! At these weekly events, families will have the opportunity to BUY books from the truck, BORROW (receive a bag with three books to enjoy for the whole month then locate a nearby Pop Up the next month to trade for the new picks, cookies and other surprises – there is a monthly fee to be a part of this program) or GIVE (a 10% fee of books bought and borrowed will go towards books to give children from low-income families the opportunity to read, own and create their own libraries).

I am also focused on creating a non-profit component to this mobile venture. Books and Cookies Gives will bring the unique and special early literacy work that we do to underserved communities while promoting a lifelong love of learning and building community by providing greater access to books, interactive story time activities and fun.

The way Brick-and-mortar businesses are run is changing quickly due to online sales increase. My focus has always been on creating an experience, instead of pushing sales, which is a current trend, but my hope is to stay ahead of that curve and continue to rethink the early literacy work we support.

My hope is that our community and supporters will continue to ride this journey with us. I look positively towards this next step knowing that it’s not the walls that make BOOKS AND COOKIES special, but the community of families we've built, unique enrichment programming, hands-on book exploration, family-oriented events and the joy we share in your children's smiles.

Stay tuned for announcements of next steps!

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