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Sing, Dance and Play with Us!

Early childhood is the perfect times to nurture children’s natural musicality and to encourage singing, moving, and playing with sound. Music inspires creative movement. It calms at rest time. It fosters listening skills. Through music children can learn about patterns, rhymes and new vocabulary.

Our music teachers are all unique in creating playful environments that are musically rich and allow children to engage in music as an exploratory activity, one that is interactive, social, creative, and joyful. This is just what young children need to develop a love of music!

Join one of our fabulous music teachers for a super fun, joyful and enriching music activity. From drumming to singing, dancing and instrument play, all of our music classes at Books and Cookies will delight your little ones! Classes are 45 minutes, open to all ages and $20 at the door (or specialty class package compatible). Sibling are always 1/2 off. All activities at Books and Cookies are drop in and first-come first-serve for the first 13 families and require an adult in attendance. Please arrive early to guarantee your space. Classes can and DO fill up.



Offered Mondays at 10:30am

Music with Sandra is a fun, interactive parent & me music classes for toddlers to preschoolers. Children will begin developing a sense of rhythm, sequencing, vocabulary and basic concepts while drumming, moving and shaking. (This class can be loud and overwhelming for tiny infants with sensitive ears).

Sandra Sandia has been singing and drumming at Books and Cookies in both Spanish and English since our opening in 2011. Sandra performs her original songs and Latin rhythms throughout the Los Angeles area at various venues, such as libraries, festivals and concert venues. Her CDs ‘ Sandra Sandia” and “Alegria” are available on i-tunes and instore!


Offered Wednesdays at 9:30am

Miss Kyla is a classically trained musician who combines her love for music, children and teaching into a fun filled class for all! She explores various genres of music from Country to Funk, Reggae to Pop through song, dance, movement games and instrument play together nurturing your child’s sense of rhythm, melody and tonality.


Offered Fridays at 10:30am

Jennifer Paskow’s gentle yet playful vibe makes her a hit with babies to big kids…. and parents, too! Families overflow our classroom each week to sing, laugh and play in a relaxed environment that encourages improvisation and playfulness. From drum play to dancing with scarves and laughing with bubbles to feel good songs, musical fun is always the goal Jennifer believes in the power of music to change lives and create a better world. (This class ALWAYS reaches capacity. Please arrive early)!


Offered Mondays at 3:45pm

Come dance freely, play musical instruments, sing in foreign languages and have a good old-fashioned romp with Moo Moo Musica in our Outdoor Classroom! When the activity’s done, you can stay and dance and play!

JulieAnne Searles is the creator of Moo Moo Musica. Her vision was to incorporate personal expression and group participation to ignite the joy, vitality and imagination that is the essence of the human experience. Moo Moo Musica was inspired by a desire to promote world peace through music, dance and art-making by building Connection – to one’s self, to the Earth, and to people of all cultures.

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