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Meet the Owner - Chudney Ross

Chudney Ross may be one of Diana Ross’s daughters, but she is much more than her namesake. She is an entrepreneur, teacher, writer and most importantly, a mom! Chudney started Books and Cookies to create an innovative space for both learning and fun. Finding a lack of environments that encourage children’s reading and family interaction, Chudney embarked on an adventure to create the perfect space – combining literacy, learning, and sweet treats while promoting literacy to children of all ages.

After graduating from Georgetown University with a double major in English and Fine Arts, Chudney became a teacher in the public school system. There, she saw first hand the profound effects books can have on children’s development when presented with creativity and imagination.

Chudney has always been a lover of reading and getting lost in the pages of a book and she is so proud of her first children’s book, Lone Bean, which was published by Harper Collins in May 2012. The Middle reader is an entertaining tale about a little girl navigating her world and finding how she fits in. Chudney feels fortunate to be able to get back in the classroom and share Lone Bean and her writing process with elementary school students.

Chudney is also an advocate for children’s charitable causes, and lends much of her time sharing her passion for books and learning with underprivileged families. She is inspired daily by her work with children and hopes to share that passion for learning and reading with all children that she encounters.

Recently, Chudney embarked on her biggest adventure yet… motherhood! Her daughter Callaway Lane is an independent, charismatic one year old who loves spending time with mom at Books and Cookies reading, joining in on classes, and playing with other children. What better place to raise a child!

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