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3 Ways To Make An Old Book New

“A cow says MOO…A sheep says BAA…Three singing pigs say LA LA LA!” You know it by heart. Your child knows it by heart. That’s part of the fun. They can finish the sentences, know when to laugh, and there’s always that one page that’s their very favorite.

moo baa la la la.jpg

What happens when you’ve read a book so many times that it’s not entertaining for you or your child anymore? There’s definitely a point where your child “outgrows” the story and is ready to move on and start reading a new book.

But wait! Books are expensive! Don’t just toss it and move on. Breathe new life into that old book. Here are some fantastic ways to stretch a book so that it grows with your child:

Use An Accent: Read that very same story, but with a French accent! Unless of course you are already French, in which case use a British accent. Changing it up will definitely get your child’s attention.

Change the Words: Before you start reading the story, let your child know that you are going to do a silly version. This is important because children like the ability to anticipate what’s going to happen. It will send them into a tizzy if you start reading incorrectly without warning! Instead of “A cow says MOO”, tell them “A cow says MEOW” and you’ll get some quality giggles.

Play “I SPY”: Again, let your child know you are going to do things a little differently. Disregard all of the words completely and simply “spy” things on the page and see if your child can find them. For example, “I spy a red dog tag”:

i spy.jpg

Books are an investment, so be sure to get your money’s worth. What creative things can you think of to make an old book new? We’d love to hear what you come up with!

By: Michelle Murphy- Wife, Mom, Writer and Lover of Pookie:

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