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Good Morning from Hill Street!

Waving hello from the porch of our Hill St. Pop-Up location this morning! Some of our friends stayed for a picture after Music with Sandra. We love to WAKE UP with MUSIC!

Have you read about the benefits of exposing your child to rhythm and music? You've heard that music is beneficial to babies. Repetative sing-a-long and instrument play reduce stress and keep your little ones healthy! Join us for Music every Monday and Friday morning at 10:30 (all ages welcome), and jam out in Wiggle Worm Fitness (toddler fitness) Tuesdays at 10:30. Of course, music education ROCKS for the babes, but you'll have fun in class, too! Make music education part of your daily routine and see the benefits for you and your child.

Check out this awesome Instagram video from Wiggle Worm Fitness! #BabyDanceParty

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