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Why all the Princess Play?

Kids of all kinds- any gender, age, and interest- LOVE themselves a Real Princess. Or Prince. Or Ballerina, or Fairy...

What's the deal, you ask? We asked too. There's a lot of opinion out there about royal themed play time and toys. But in the end, we like the idea that children are free to fantasize about being part of a fairy tale. Don't we (adults of some kind) still wish we were princes and princesses and fairies and magical beings...sometimes?

Books and Cookies often pairs with Real Princess Parties for fantasy-friendly classes, activities, and events, and the kids heart them. They either go crazy or get awestruck- either way, their eyes are all sparkly! And they're listening intently. They have a blast, and leave looking like royalty themsleves. Not the snotty, gimme-gimme sort of royalty, but the kind, patient sort. That's why we heart Real Princess Parties, too.

Here's what RPP has to say about it all:

"We want to share our message of what it means to be a "Real Princess": kindness, bravery, and believing in yourself. We strive to inspire belief that beauty shines from the inside out, and that dreams do come true! Our Princesses, Fairies, Mermaids, Ballerinas, Princes & Pirates are unique, original characters from the Magical Land of Lindovia. All are charming, graceful, beautiful, loving, and are greatly admired by the children they meet. With a wealth of experience in performance and childcare, our characters will entertain the birthday girl and all her guests, while parents may relax and enjoy like royalty."

Yes please! Plus, they love stories, arts and crafts, singing, dancing, and playing games as much as Books and Cookies does, and offer storytelling in a unique and magical way.

What are the benefits of letting your child strut around in a princess dress if they so desire? The same as letting them pretend they are a pirate or puppy. Through imaginary play, children:

  • Come to terms with their feelings, thoughts, confusions, wishes, even fears.

  • Change the power balance by "becoming" the adults in charge: Mommy, Daddy, policeman, teacher, doctor, carpenter, gardener, etc. Suspending the reality of their size, age, and relative powerlessness is very reassuring.

  • Fulfill some unacceptable wishes: returning the baby sister to the hospital, for example. Make sense of their social environment. If you pretend to be someone else, you will get a sense of how it feels to be that other person.

  • Develop feelings of mastery and control. In their role-playing, children are clearly in charge. And the play gives them opportunities to use many of their developing skills: eye-hand coordination, language proficiency, even large motor performance.

  • Learn concepts and symbols — far more meaningfully than in situations that call for mere memorization and rote behavior.

  • Learn from their mistakes without mortification or any sense of failure.

Let's promote creativity and imagination in childhood. Let's pretend we are Princesses. Or Movie Stars. Or Dogs. Or Dinosaurs. As long as we do so constructively, emphasizing our core, non-dressed up values. We don't pretend to eat people when we're not pretending to be dinosaurs, after all.

Need some ideas for encouraging pretend play at home? Check out this article from!

By Samantha, Store Manager

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