Kids are told what to read all year, so summer is a great opportunity for kids to reconnect with the joy and excitement of getting lost in the pages of a book.

Some ideas:

  • Set your little one free in a library, bookstore (Books and Cookies… wink wink) and allow them to choose what appeals to them.

  • Create a summer book bag that you can take on the go! Books are perfect for traveling, laying in the sun…

  • Have a family book club. Even if your kids aren't close in age, pick a theme that everyone can read about, such as the beach, summer camp or camping.

  • Act out stories, put on a puppet show, write and make your own books.

  • The ideas for making reading fun are endless.

So, turn off the TV and get outside. Learning is everywhere!

Ooo and Parents… don’t forget to pick up a summer reading book for yourself and be a good example of reading this summer.

By Chudney, Owner

#summerreading #readingtips #literacytips

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