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Craft Projects for the Handsy Toddler

Browsing through Pinterest and our favorite kids blogs, we're consitantly saving great ideas for Crafty Kids activities and birthday parties. I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite recent finds in the way of edible crafts for toddlers. All antural, gluten free, and NO COOKING required!

Edible Play Dough

This produces a super fun safe and edible dough that easily takes on color to create vibrant colors. Made from four easy ingredients likely already in your kitchen, this colorful playdough’s fun-life will last for several days in the fridge! Click here to find out how to make some for your artistic tot.

Colored Rice Art

Have a tot that loves to drop things? Let's consider it art!! For the tiny meticulous fingers or clumsy hands, kids of all ages will have a blast with brightly colored rice. The finished product might also inspire your little one to dance- it shakes like a maraca! Find click-through instructions on how to make your own colored rice art here.

More All Natural Craft Ideas:

Thanks to Red Tricycle and Fun At Home With Kids for the inspiration!

By Samantha, Store Manager

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