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5 Benefits Of Yoga For Children

In Los Angeles it seems like you can’t go more than 10 feet without passing a Starbucks and a yoga studio. There’s good reason, we love a good cup of coffee and appreciate the health benefits of a good stretch. But did you know that yoga is beneficial for our children too?


Here are five benefits that you might not be aware of:

  • It Enhances Physical Flexibility- While this might seem obvious, sometimes we take for granted just how incredibly bendy our children are. They move around with such ease and grace. But yoga challenges them to become more aware of their bodies and use their muscles in new ways.

  • It Refines Balance and Coordination- These poses were designed specifically to promote mental and physical coordination and poise. The very act of accomplishing these poses encourages children to focus and develop mental clarity.

  • It Develops Focus and Concentration- Several studies have found that the act of focusing on one single goal (a pose) can result in better focus and concentration in school and therefore improve grades.

  • It Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence- Yoga teaches perseverance, patience, and establishing goals. The instructor offers guidance, but it is the student who has to accomplish these things through hard work and dedication.

  • It Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection- Yoga helps quiet the mind and the body by exercising the physical body and calming the mental spirit. They go hand in hand and are key in developing a resilient and resourceful mind, body and spirit.

Books and Cookies is excited to have Happy Kid Yoga for Toddlers every Tuesday at 11:30am and Happy Kid Yoga for Big Kids (4+) on the sencond Tuesday of every month at 5pm. Join us and see how your child can benefit from yoga

Balance like a tree, roar like a lion and stretch like a dolphin in this fun-filled yoga class where children are introduced to the concepts of yoga in a creative and playful way. A certified yoga instructor will teach your child breathing and relaxation techniques as well as age appropriate poses and games. Each week we will learn new poses on our imaginary yoga adventure. Class ends relaxing to peaceful music.

By Michelle Murphy

Wife, Mom, Writer and Lover of Pookie

Instagram: @murphymichelle

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