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What to do with all the Candy?

EEK! Even more scary that heading out to trick-or-treat tonight may be the bags full of candy your little one is going to bring home and want to eat! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good candy bar, but my 2 year old has already, in pre-Halloween festivities, tasted more lollipops, m&ms and gummies than she has in her entire life. I’m excited to hit the streets for our first real trick-or-treating session and we have a good toothbrush (thank you, MAM BABY), but how I will deal with the copious amounts of candy we collect, will be a new experience I am not sure how I will handle.


If you are looking for another option than arguing over how many candy bars and lollipops your little one can ingest each night, check out SWITCHCRAFTED, a new book by Audrey Kinsman and Pam Hatcher giving families a fun way to keep Halloween traditions alive, but reduce the amount of candy consumed and encouraging healthier choices. Switchcrafted is a super cool new book and gift set that tells the story of the Switch Witches and their need for different types of candy to covert to energy to fuel their broomsticks and homes. After kids swap in their loot, they will get a special toy (or BOOK)! Come check it out in store today!


Still want to share a little sugary indulgent fun with your little ones! Maybe switch the candy collected out for candy from our friends: A REAL TREAT, the first candy shop in Los Angeles to specialize in candy that is free of corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors and many common allergens. Check them out online and stay tuned for thier brand new candy kitchen coming soon to Main Street!

Some other ideas for your copious amounts of candy: DONATE!

BY Chudney Ross

Cookie Monster, Minnie Mouse, Farmer (my costumes this year)

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