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Engaging Community and Creating Beauty with Beautify Earth

I had walked by this building a million times in my past and I always read the quote on the side of the building as I walked, “You are Beautiful” … a positive and joyful reminder. Like thousands of other locals and tourist walking on Main Street, I shot a selfie over my shoulder and posted it on my social media. I don’t know who or why it was painted over, but when I signed my lease, I knew I want to bring back something beautiful and positive back to the wall and to the community.

While I was prepping for our opening, I was overjoyed to be approached by Zack and Evan from Beautiful Earth, a non-profit organization who's mission is to create public and private art projects utilizing overlooked sources such as blighted walls, fixtures and streets for the purpose of instilling community pride in communities. The organization seeks to engage new artistic voices through education and outreach programs designed to inspire and provide a framework for previously undiscovered talent to flourish and help communities.

Even better than re-painting the same message as before, now we had a beautiful opportunity to create something new, a piece of art that would still envoke a positive message and attention from passers-by. Being that my passion is children’s books, I pushed for a children's book tie in. We came up with a variation of a Dr. Seuss quote and Beautify Earth's artist Ruben Rojas (Instagram: @rubenrojas) began his creative design.

Thanks to Ruben's artistic work and with the help of volunteers, we now have a beautiful new mural with a positive message and words by Dr. Seuss. I could not be more happy as I walk to the store every morning.


Want to learn more about Beautify Earth:

How You Can Help:

You have the opportunity to support a cause where you can see the change in front of your eyes. You have the opportunity to be the hero in your community, in your hometown, or a place sacred to your heart. Because you say so, thoroughfares like Lincoln Boulevard can be an inspiring drive for the 30,000 people a day that sit in traffic driving home from work passing drab walls. Imagine the difference that color and art can have on those sitting in traffic, the families they go home to and their decisions for the future.

Beautify Earth may be a non profit organization, but it is also a family. A family of artists, non-profit entrepreneurs, beauty and art enthusiasts, friends, and community activists that are ready to change the world one wall at a time! Small or large, every donation helps. Donations can be used from paint and supplies, all the way to donations to sponsor entire communities. In other words, our donations go to furthering our cause, plain and simple.


Covers a few paint brushes and rollers


Covers two gallons of paint


Covers all paint needed for a small mural, or entire paint undercoat for a large wall.


Covers the supplies for five average size murals


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