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Make Memories with these Family Holiday Activities

The holidays can be a magical time for families with little ones, but often times a bit of the infectious cheer is lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. You may be dealing with the daunting task of organizing travel with your baby in tow. Or perhaps the family is coming to you, and bringing with them the stress of sharing your home with toddlers AND in-laws. Whatever the reason may be, the stress is there, and your child can sense it. So in between checking your 12 different lists, responding to frantic group texts regarding who will be responsible for bringing the pie, and finding the time to buy and wrap presents remember to enjoy the season and fill your little ones with fond memories of family, warmth, and joy. Here are some ideas for easy and fun activities to try with the whole family!

  • Change up thier before bed story time books to reflect the holiday season! What better way to get into the spirit then snuggled up in your pajamas and lost in the pages of a book. Chose beloved titles about Santa, the Menorah, Rudolf, you name it! Books can not only tell you the story of our beloved winter holidays, but also get those little imaginations rolling with visions of sugar plums dancing in thier heads!

  • Decorate cookies or a gingerbread house together

Baking together is an easy way to bond and your kids will feel ultra-accomplished when they see the finished product.

  • Pick out the tree together (and decorate it together too!)

It may be easier to just grab a tree when you’re out and about already, but going as a family can be way more fun. Plus, your kids will be flooded with happy memories of family outings every time they smell pine trees from then on!

  • Elf on a shelf

This one is ongoing and got wildly popular on social media last year. Some parents may find the elf just a little creepy, but it’s worth it. The kids will LOVE waking up in the morning to see where the elf has magically moved while they were sleeping.

By Cari

Writer, Traveler and Books and Cookies Team Member

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