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It's snack time! Cookies, Mini Muffins, Banana Bread... and more COOKIES!

Before I decided to downsize to this new (perfect) location, I polled some of our local famlies about what was most important to them in their Books and Cookies experience. The sense of community, the play area, activities for varying age ranges, birthday parties and books topped the list. Though everyone loved our homemade cookies, gooey grilled cheeses, minis menu and COFFEE, it was not what made Books and Cookies special and so in the move, we left it behind and I haev to say I dont miss dealing with the Health Department! That being said, we still needed COOKIES. Delicious, homemade with love cookies and so I have been on the hunt to find just that!

I am so happy to have found Jo Jo’s Dozen, our new baker of our yummy, fun, mix and match mini cookies, muffins and banana bread delivered packaged fresh!


Jo Jo's Dozen makes handmade desserts from scratch, specializing in creating smiles and satisfying any sweet tooth! Brandi, the owner’s mission is to create nostalgia, sheer comfort and bliss one dessert at a time. From her Red Velvet cookies to Away at Sea (white chocolate, oatmeal and sea salt), soft banana bread to oatmeal raisin mini-muffins, she is so far succeeding… I’m smiling ear to ear as I dunk one in my coffee.

Ooo… we added a Keurig machine for your enjoyment, too. Find it in the hallway near the cubbies. You deserve it! ENJOY!


Also, in our snack display: Cheddar crackers, animal crackers, Happy Family squeezies and Puffs, juice, milk, water and more! Stay tuned for a mini-fridge coming soon, but always know you can always

ask for a cold milk, water or juice from the fridge in the back!

Happy snacking, friends!

Chudney Ross

Owner, Cookie lover and Coffee Fanatic

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