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From the age of about 5 to 12, the average child loses twenty baby teeth. That’s a lot of visits from the Tooth Fairy! The new book and doll set, TEETH FAIRIES: A BABY TEETH TRADITION by Ingrid Bencosme, celebrates this tooth loss process and also makes it fun for kids and parents.

The experience has a lot of flexibility in that parents can decide how often and how involved the Tooth Fairy visits are. By being able to name your own fairy and make it a personal, interactive experience, not only is the child’s fears of tooth loss diminished, but it also promotes imagination. And, best of all, the book and doll encourages children to take care of their teeth, thereby helping parents with what sometimes can be a daily struggle.

TEETH FAIRIES is approved by many leading pediatric dentists and a portion of the proceeds of the book will go to Communities in Schools (CIS). Ingrid and her team have also created an interactive, fun and informative website that is a great resource for parents, including tips from a leading pediatric dentist and how to use the doll, and games and apps for kids.


TEETH FAIRIES book and doll set retails for $49.99 and is available at Books and Cookies today!

“Anything that encourages reading, writing and imagination, I’m all for,” says author Ingrid Bencosme. “As a mom of three (four is on the way), I really want to make the most of these experiences in my children’s lives. They grow up so fast and there is a very small window of opportunity to make things magical and so special for them.”

Join us to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month, Thursday, February 26th 4pm

An interactive Story Time

Meet & Greet with Author of TEETH FAIRIES, Ingrid Bencosme

Arts & Crafts

Free Play in Learn and Play Area

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