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Moo Moo Musica Music Play Date

Join us for Moo Moo Musica Music Play Date, Books and Cookies newest activity Mondays at 3:30pm!

Come dance freely, play musical instruments, sing in foreign languages and have a good old-fashioned romp with Moo Moo Musica in our Outdoor Classroom! When the activity’s done, you can stay and dance and play!

Moo Moo Musica incorporates personal expression and group participation to ignite the joy, vitality and imagination that is the essence of the human experience. It was inspired by a desire to promote world peace through music, dance and art-making by building Connection – to one’s self, to the Earth, and to people of all cultures.

With songs in more than 25 languages, dance and play exercises to stimulate development of motor and social skills – as well as messages and experiences that support ecology, community, good parenting, embracing differences and individual expression – Moo Moo Musica is a joyous celebration of aliveness and interconnectedness.

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