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Discovery Science Play

What is inside my body? How many bones do I have? Why do I have to wash my hands? How does a plant grow? What are seasons? How are clouds made? How does gravity work?

Don’t you just love science?!?! We certainly do!!! Everyday our lives are filled with scientific questions and answers and we have the perfect class to get your toddlers engaged and excited about the wonders of science. Our new Discovery Science Play class introduces a variety of scientific subjects in a fun, interactive 35 minutes activity. This class includes Books and Cookies-style reading and singing plus a whole lot more.

Mini experiments and tasks are introduced throughout the class to encourage different styles of learning. Lessons often include physical activity as well as a problem-solving task. Each class ends with a simple craft activity or take-home project, which is a great way to bring together all the information from class.

Here are some subjects we have covered so far:

My Amazing Body

My Skeleton

The Seasons

How a Seed Grows



Whether we are planting a seed, piecing together a skeleton puzzle, learning the seasons with yoga stretches or using our sense of sight to sort and organize colored objects, this activity is a super fun and interactive introduction to the world of science.


35 minutes / 18 months + / $12 at the door Toddlers are always exploring new things and these discoveries are science! Calling all mini-scientists for experiments with measuring, building, making observations in a safe, sometimes messy and always fun environment.

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