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Hello, Mini-Pearly Whites!

Your little one has been drooling and fussy, teething for weeks and finally those teeny tiny teeth have poked thru. Time to start taking care of those mini-pearly whites!

Our friends at MAM BABY have your little one’s oral hyiegine covered! Developed with pediatric dentists, MAM's toothbrushes and gum cleaners are designed to ensure healthy teeth and make brushing fun and effective from the start.

And you’re in luck! MAM BABY sponsors our HALLOWEEN BASH every year and so our trick-or-treating will not only be sweet, it will leave you with healthy teeth and gums. This is an event not to be missed: RSVP HERE!

Check out MAM's oral care products here:

MAM Oral Care Rabbit

  • Clean baby's mouth before the first tooth

  • Massage sensitive gums - even back areas can be reached

MAM Massaging Brush

  • With 4 structures for ideal massaging & cleaning

  • Extra-long handle for holding together

MAM Training Brush

  • Long handle for holding the brush together

  • Round head is gentle in baby’s mouth

MAM First Brush

  • For independent cleaning

Get BOOKS in on the clean teeth train with some of our favorite tooth brushing books:

  1. Brush, Brush, Brush By Alicia Padron

  2. Pony Brushes His Teeth By Michael Dahl

  3. Brush Your Teeth Please By Leslie McGuire

  4. The Tooth Book By Dr. Suess

  5. Have You Ever Seen a Moose Brushing His Teeth By Jamie McClain

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