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Shop Small! Buy Local!

BOOKS AND COOKIES supports LOCAL AUTHORS and ARTISANS with our first ever SHOP SMALL Saturday Local Author STORY TIME Event November 26th from 9:30am-11:30am.

Learn more about the Books, Authors and Artisans here:

By Stacy Dragset

This book inspires young children to grow up freely expressing themselves without the pressure of society driven gender stereotypes.

By Kate West

La Befana and the Star is a story that captures the true spirit of the Holidays and brings this magical, Italian tradition to families everywhere.

By Ruthie Briggs-Greenberg

Felicity the dragon is not a typical dragon: “no smoke from her nose, no spikes on her toes.” Because Felicity is small and different, she keeps to herself, but one day, a small boy falls into the castle moat, and Felicity has the chance to help—and make some new friends in the process.

By Michael RayssesWith spectacular images and text that is humorous and wise, this book follows Lonely, a young octopus,on his journey to Life's greatest gift: self-love.

By Paige Jackson and Laura Peisner

The Hopful Prince is a new fairy tale with all the rhythm and rhyme of a Dr.Seuss classic and will entertain and inspire children with it’s message of kindness.


The Outsiders is an engaging science fiction story about friendship and outer space.

By Sanjay Nambiar

The Super Amazing Princess Heroes are dedicated to making a world where girls, from an early age, know that they are empowered. Grab your tiara then go change the world!

By Jacob Schwartz and Alexis Sedacca

Finding Thurston is a heartwarming and inspirational true story about a boy finding his lost dog, with the help of his best friend, against all odds. The story illustrates the kindness of strangers, the resilience of family and friends, the determination to never give up and to believe that miracles can happen.

Erika Hirschmann makes prints of her drawings and watercolors. Her work is inspired by children, the clear lines and bold colors reflect their limitless world and imagination.

Lisa Rubin is a local artisan hand crafting sweet greeting cards with her art.

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