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Books and Cookies Book Mobile?!

Come, come now...did somebody say, BOOK MOBILE? YES. Some guy in a bowler hat in 1916 said it, and we're saying it again now!

There are hundreds of food trucks in LA county. You can get hand pies, street tacos, even fresh pasta out of a truck now. Clothing boutiques have gone mobile. Vintage fashion trucks. Mobile museums.

And yes, there is already evidence of books on wheels, too. A vintage bookstore has been spotted around Echo Park, and big name book publishers of course have their mobile book sales trucks for book festivals and beyond. I sought out the Penguin book mobile at the 2014 Festival of Books on USC's campus- a big orange truck with books lining window displays and a backside entry to basically a bookstore on a bus. Which truly IS awesome on it's own, but...

Wouldn't it just be something special to have a children's book store on wheels roll up to the next SM Food Truck Tuesday? Or a drive-in at your favorite park for book and snack vending? Parking in your very own backyard for Story Time, milk, and cookies?! Imagine a decked out, colorful enrichment center on wheels, with big doors made out of bookshelves, lined with your favorites and new, unexplored titles, that unfold to reveal a children's literary escape complete with a BIG welcoming red carpet that rolls right out to your toes...

Dream BIG!

More on this later...

For more on book mobiles, don't miss these awesome photos from the early 1900s and more on an amazing start to mobile libraries! Scroll down for my favorite from the library automobile truck in Washington County, Maryland in 1916.

Check out these inspiring Pins of what a real life mobile library looks like today and book trucks out in the world right now!

By Samantha, Store Manager

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