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Local Authors Story Time Event

We are excited for this Saturday’s fun-filled morning of literacy! We will be meeting and celebrating 5 fabulous local authors and1 amazing artist!

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Meet this Saturday's authors here:



Angel and The Little Dog was written and illustrated by Miranda Mary at the age of six. Her story is about a girl who rescues a little dog from an animal shelter. This book is the first of Miranda Mary’s Write Like Me™ Series. Now at 9 years old, she continues to inspire other children to write, illustrate and share their stories, feelings and experiences just like her.



Pea and Carrot have a bad feeling. Are Donut, Soda and Candy hiding something? They are so sweet, fancy and popular. But something is not right about them. Do they have a bitter secret? With The UnPopular Pea (& Carrot), Elle Valentine serves up a fun way to learn about "real" food and teaches children how to make healthy choices!



When five year old Miriam is feeling sad, her wise old cat Eversees leads her through the forest to meet the Magic Tree. The tree shows her how to focus on the love in her life, and like magic, she feels her sadness melt away. Eversees and the Magic Tree teaches children that we have the power to choose our perspective. Author, Lizzie Rose hopes to inspire people of all ages by writing soulful, rhyming books that share a positive message.



Queen Maya leads her princes, Horace, Ricky and Li, on a sniffing game across their royal kingdom where they all must guess what Queen Maya sniffs. Suddenly an ordinary day among friends is a reminder of what childhood once taught us all: Life is magical if we just hold hands, play along together, and believe. And for author, Kieren van den Blink, this book is a testament to never giving up on your dreams. She dreamed up this "sense series" over 14 years ago and has been working on it ever since and finally, self-published SNIFF with the money raised on Kickstarter!



Patty Patience inspires both parents and children to seek out opportunities and choose patience. Patty urges her Pals to shoot for the stars and celebrate their accomplishments by earning stars to post on their StarPals Erasable Treasure Chart. Like Patty, each child can work with their parents and caregivers to establish goals and incentives, making the patience game both motivating and rewarding for everyone! Kimberlee Schultz, author of The StarPals Series, is dedicated to our children’s future and reaches their hearts through the enthusiastic message delivered by each of the seven StarPals.



Artist, Lynnda Rakos, created a world of whimsical, fanciful, and imaginative artwork that brings us back to an era when the Flintstones and the Jetsons were primetime. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles Galleries. Inspired by mid-century art and popular culture and with her retro modern sensibilities, Lynnda invents universes inhabited by creatures that make you smile. She has a vast array of coloring books and we are excited to join in on the art this Saturday as she hosts our coloring table!

Hope to see you this weekend!


Owner, Author and Mama of one

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