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Baby Sit-Ups - Engaging Core Strength

Age: 7mos.+

Baby Sit Ups work on: core strength, balance

Step1- Place your baby on their back on a soft surface.

Step 2- Place your thumbs in your baby’s palms. Gently wrap your hands around baby’s hands and wrists.

Step 3- Encourage your baby vocally to sit up. Even if they are not following instructions they are always listening!

Step 4- Very gently tug on your baby’s hands. You will be able to see your baby begin to try and sit up on their own. Hold hands until baby is in a seated position. Move slowly and don’t pull on your baby’s hands. You shouldn’t have to do much of the work for them.

If your baby is resisting, just try again later!

This is a fun exercise that you can keep doing with your child until they are able to do a sit-up all on their own!

While your little one is lying on their back, try a fun little rhyme to make it even more fun and engaging for both of you!

“Round and Round the Garden”

Round and round the garden, Trace circles on palms of baby’s hands.

Like a teddy bear.

One step, two steps, Walk fingers up baby’s arms.

Tickle you under there! Tickle under baby’s arms or on tummy.

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